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Jambo Jambo Tour

Making the documentary Track Wars for the BBC in 2003 inspired Rob to start an annual charity trip known as the Jambo Jambo Tour.

Working with the Prince’s Trust, Jambo Jambo selects six young people who have had difficult starts to their lives. The group are taken on a two-week camping trip around Kenya and UgaHappy kit at the Jambo Jambo Runnda, where they work in local schools and orphanages, and organise a fun run for 2000 African children. The idea is that teamwork and experiencing a different culture will help them look at their problems in a fresh way – as well as improving their self-confidence and communication skills.

Although Rob carries out motivational work during the trip, the young people benefit most from the positive spirit they encounter in the East African children they meet. For many, Africa has the effect of putting their own problems in context, and gives them time and space to think about solutions for their issues at home.

Changing lives
By the end of 2009, Jambo Jambo will have taken 29 young people on the trip, and it has already had a marked effect on many of their lives. A number have found part or full-time employment, some have re-enrolled in tertiary education, and others have come off anti-depressants. All have returned with a better understanding of themselves and a more positive outlook on life and their own possibilities.

Rob funds the Jambo Jambo Tour through appearances as an auctioneer at black tie charity events and the organising of an annual social event: The London Lemmy. The London Lemmy is a club night for around 1,000 Exeter graduates which Rob started for his old university back in 2002. It is still a successful annual event. To find out more, or if you want to help in any way, email Rob at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

British Council

As a result of founding the Jambo Jambo Tour, Rob now carries out motivational work for the British Council.