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Rob Walker lecturing

Working with universities

Rob lectures to undergraduate and postgraduate students on media careers, journalism and motivation.

He is a regular contributor at The University of Exeter and Leeds Metropolitan University, and is a part-time MA tutor on the Broadcast Journalism course at Falmouth College of Arts.

Rob's ongoing mentoring has helped two of his MA students take their first steps in the world of media. One 2007 graduate worked with Rob on the making of the Community Channel documentary Unwritten, while a 2008 student helped Rob establish a commercial radio station report service at the 2009 World Snooker Championship.

In July 2007, Rob accompanied Dr Hugo De Burgh on a lecture tour of Tsinghua University in China. The initiative, in partnership with the University of Westminster, was designed to give organisers of the Beijing Olympics a better understanding of western journalism and media.

Black tie host

Rob acts as host and auctioneer at black tie events and sports award nights.

He has worked with many of the country's sports governing bodies and has hosted nights for athletics, triathlon and sailing, as well as corporate lunchtime and evening functions organised by MBN Events.

Every year, Rob acts as auctioneer for two charity boxing nights in the east end of London, run by Incisive Media. He has also worked on charity nights for Motor Neurone Disease.